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Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Good evening all ♡ it's hump day and I can already smell the weekend! I am definitely still in a Christmas haze of not really knowing what day it is... just with less biscuits and Baileys! Hehe.

I am so excited to bring you this blog post in collaboration with a handful of my favourite East Midlands Photographers and their must have shots. As a bride-to-be currently sorting the last touches to my own wedding, this has been a really lovely post to do. Get ready for some serious Wedding goals!

Our first tip is from documentary style wedding photographer Ed Brown. Ed is a lover of the details that happen naturally as the day unwinds, avoiding too many posed shots. Ideal for those of you who hate being in front of the camera.

E N J O Y the moments that happen naturally. Wedding Photographers are straying more and more away from huge group shots and lots of posed photographs in favour of a handful, and a large batch of natural photos full of feeling. Allowing your Photographer to do their thing will allow them to capture the most beautiful of moments and pictures you'll treasure for years to come.

In the spirit of flow, and letting the day unwind naturally...

"Don’t be so precious about the dress. I know you’ve spent all the money, time and love on picking the perfect white dress. But, enjoy the day and all your favourite people around you, and make this a priority. Don’t be holding the train over your arm all day (it’ll look weird in photos), make the most of all the grounds at your venue, so your photographer can get that shot you’ve always dreamed of. The underside and train of your dress IS going to get dirty. And the less you worry about it, the less you’ll be wondering why you and your dress don’t look like how you envisioned in all your photos." {Rosie Kelly Photography}

G E T E V E R Y O N E I N V O L V E D. Your wedding is your perfect day, with all your favourite people. Letting your photographer roam free and capture as many snaps as possible means they're more likely to get snaps of everyone, particularly your older guests who might not stay late into the evening. Plus, you've invited these lovely people because you love them! Although the couple snaps will be lovely, don't let yourself get dragged away for hours... the buzz of celebrating the newlywed feeling is so much lovelier when shared with those you love.


Sunset portraits are a great way of splitting up your couple shots over the course of the day... and they're STUNNING! yaaaaaaas.

"Especially during the summer, make sure your photographer takes you for your couple portraits within the golden hour around sunset. I promise you it will be worth it, even just for 5 minutes. Plus you get a moment to yourselves to take in your surroundings in all the gorgeous glowy sunset vibes, which is worth it in itself."

D I D S O M E O N E S A Y C O N F E T T I ? Make sure you buy aaaaaall the confetti for your guests. Confetti is best in abundance and full of colour! It's a fab way of getting your guests involved... and there's usually a cute snap of younger and older guests getting very excited about the situation ♡.

S P A R K L E R S E N D O F F?! The lovely Anna from PearBearPhotography is all about the sparkler send off. What a fun (and Instagrammable hehe) way to end your perfect day ♡ Serious wedding goals right there! and that newlywed smile is causing me to swoon hard!

T R U S T Y O U R P H O T O G R A P H E R You've spent months or even years (if you're in the years club I feel ya!) planning your perfect day, now it's here. The little details are what make your wedding you and have guests cooing... BUT you've already put the graft in, and the day is there to be enjoyed. Trust your photographer to take the reins, leaving you to enjoy every moment, and by extension - consider letting your Photographer get creative for at least one EPIC snap. "Whether its adding smoke bombs for all the colour, or a drone shot for an amazing aerial portrait. You’ll have an image of your day that's unique and basically a piece of art for your wall!"


I'm sure like me you're smiling such a lovely smile after seeing these gorgeous photos. ✹

If you are looking for a photographer, the creatives behind these gorgeous photographs are detailed below. Go and have a nosey!

Emma McNair Photography | Ed Brown Photography | Rosie Kelly Photography | Pear Bear Photography

There are also heaps of other wedding tips + resources over on the Wild blog. Why not make a cuppa and explore?

Thanks for reading,

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