Unique Christmas Gifts by Wild - FAQs

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Hey you! just popping on to shout about some of the projects I’ve been working on this winter ✨ I’ve had so many projects which I’ve loved! That being said, the nature of made to order items is that every detail can be adapted, and if you‘re parting with your hard earned cash you want to know what you’re getting.


Wild baubles are made using ceramic baubles and are finished with black faux suede string. You can have single words, short messages and illustrations for one set price.

For illustrations choose from botanicals or hearts. Illustrations are delicate and fit around the lettering.

There are lots of colours available - but my favourites are gold, copper, black or silver.

Baubles are then set using a clear matte lacquer.

You can shop the wild personalised baubles here. Choose from one for £10, two for £15 or three for £20 including postage and packaging. Bargain! ✨

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Letters from Santa ✉️

I‘m so lucky to be working with the big man himself this year on responding to all the lovelies on the nice list this year ♥️

Letters are hand lettered onto 100% recycled paper and are completely hand written. This differs from other Santa‘a helpers who may use templates but add the name of the lucky recipient and personalise envelopes.

To help me write the best letter from Santa, please let me know your little one‘s achievements from the year, what they would like for Christmas, and anything you’d like them to do to impress Santa and ensure they get their presents delivered on Christmas eve. I.e. pick up their toys, keep being lovely to mum and dad... ♥️

Your envelope is another amazing way to personalise your letter. You can have anything you like, from their name to a nickname to a completely invented address - referencing things unique to them 🤓

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A4 Prints

Surprise your favourite person with words that mean the world to them ♥️ this could be a saying you both love that’s unique to your relationship, a line from your song, a quote from a film ✨ Whatever fits🙌🏼

You can have up to 20 words for £10 including postage and packaging. They are handwritten onto 100% recycled paper and sent in a backed envelope to protect them. Frames are not included ✨

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For larger commissions such as full songs, menus etc. Please email wildcalligraphygb@outlook.com for a bespoke quote.

For more inspiration, join me on the Wild instagram where you’ll find me swooning over paper, sharing lots of process videos and sharing my recent work ✨

Merry Christmas!

Faye x