Our wedding: an intimate city centre pub wedding with blush, green + white details

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

As I write this we're just weeks away from celebrating our first wedding anniversary which is bonkers but all sorts of lovely all at once. After lots of requests over on Insta I'm finally taking the plunge and sharing the snaps from our day... and it's got me all emotional (especially as I'm writing this mid pandemic and I've barely seen my lovely friends + family for months). It's gonna be a long post! with lots of insight into the behind the scenes + planning to be both informative and serve as a reminder in a few years when I'm feeling nostalgic and wanna revisit this post.

I hope you love it! Do pop over to insta + let me know what you think.


I'll start at the beginning I guess! We had a long engagement, keen to save and splurge rather than over extend ourselves, yet despite having the extra time to plan, I'd say I'd booked most of the details 2-3 months after getting engaged, so I knew how much our total spend was and how much we needed to save.

To all couples currently planning a wedding, I'd massively recommend this. Not only did we save loads (as we were locked in at current prices), but it also meant we got our first choice of suppliers. As it was an August wedding which is as peak as it gets due to the school holidays, this was such a good shout. Friends in similar situations have commented that they wish they'd been more proactive after missing out on their fave photographers, florists + more!


My day started at The Lace Market Hotel in Nottingham. It has an insane bridal suite with loads of floor space... I knew I wanted to have a big room to get all the girls together on the morning of the wedding and spend that quality time with them before everything kicked off.

I'm from Wakefield West Yorks, Jamie from Herts - and we had friends and family coming from all over the place... Germany, Australia, Newcastle... it was really important to book a venue that was central and find a hotel with enough rooms for everyone to stay in. The Lace Market Hotel is a fab location and it's also located in the very scenic Lace Market which is my fave spot in the city centre.

The wedding morning was extra special as my little sister Lori had given birth just two weeks prior and little Lenny was the star of the show all morning.

I loved my wedding morning so much! I'd done loads of research into local wedding suppliers and we chose Josephine Way MUA and James White Hair. Jo is an absolute dream and has since become a dear friend, and James still cuts my hair! They had us all laughing our heads off all morning and it was such a chilled atmosphere. Jo commented that more than anything else, it's the extra space that makes the biggest difference... especially if you have a big bridal party or lots of people getting married together.

The only thing I'd change about the wedding morning is there was no jäger for jägerbombs so we had to make do with cosmos...

I had a bit of a mare with my dress after the wrong dress was delivered just weeks before the wedding... but luckily the girls at the bridal shop managed to sort it out just in the nick of time. I adored my dress: the Lucille by Eliza Jane Howell - I say all the time that I was actually the biggest I've ever been on my wedding day but I didn't care. I felt like a million dollars in this dress and I'm defo putting a wedding dress party into the universe so that I get to wear it again.

These shoes were asos and such a good find. Got them in the sale for £20 a couple of months after getting engaged. Absolutely ripped my feet to bits but so worth it.

Make up wise I always joke that I'm not a real girl. Despite being besties with the most glam babes ever I've never been that into it (until recently) and left my make up look 100% up to Jo, and the same with my hair and James. My only request was that I wanted my hair down. As a supplier, it's the best feeling in the world when your couples trust you to create something... I couldn't have been happier with my wedding look.


Jamie and the boys stayed at home with the girls and I'm so glad that we got some snaps of them on our big day.

It's also lovely to have these snaps of Jamie and his mum.


Our venue! I still rave about The Embankment. It was our local for years until we moved to the countryside and it will always have a special place in our hearts. I love that it's a listed building too as hopefully it means that it will always be around. It's actually where Jesse Boot started Boots Pharmacy all those years ago and the inside is gorg. Loads of historical features and backdrops for snaps.

Cost and location were the biggest factors in choosing the Embankment. As said above we had people coming from lots of places so wanted somewhere convenient and cheap for guests to get to. I also prioritised the honeymoon, and we didn't have the budget to spend loads on all elements of the wedding.

The team at the Embankment are fantastic. We shared the outdoors area with other punters on the day of the wedding but this wasn't an issue. The customers that go to the pub are lovely, and everyone was in good spirits all day. To be fair, it didn't really affect me as as soon as the music came on I didn't leave the dancefloor.

Another thing I'd like to add is that we had a lot of food intolerances and allergies, and the Embankment staff were so accommodating.

Décor wise, we hired the amazing Save the Date stylist team who are based in Ollerton. I love their work so much and Gemma and Danielle couldn't have been more accommodating. I created our signage and table stationery and loved doing something a little different. Every element of stationery I make is made to order. If you're interested in working with wild, you can explore my services here.

THAT backdrop is from Sian and Stew at This Will Be Forever. Sian has been my work wife for a little while now and it was so lovely to support a fellow indie biz. When I saw it I knew we needed it for the wedding. Some of you may already know that I'm a linguist and teach languages full time alongside wild. I absolutely love language, and that's probably why I fell in love with calligraphy because I get to write words that have so much meaning in such an artistic way. "Always" is one of those quotes that comes up a lot. I used to have a print that said "after all this time... always" (Huge kudos if you know what film that's from), and Jamie still says it to me all the time.

Those... flowers...

We went to a wedding at Calke Abbey shortly after getting engaged and Elodie from Flourish and Bloom had done the flowers. We didn't even look anywhere else or shop around. We needed to have her. Jamie's usually quite uninterested in decorative stuff but he was so impressed with the installations. Elodie was a dream to work with. I am a huge flower lover and was quite specific with the flowers I wanted and she took everything in her stride while giving suggestions about what we could add to make everything next level.

A highlight were those Café au lait dahlias - still not over them,

Elodie also added flowers to our lovely cake trio table by Sophie at Red Robin Cakery. Sophie is the sweetest person ever and was so accommodating. Due to several different allergies and intolerances, we ended up having 3 cakes and 2 tray bakes - each accommodating different guests. She was fab in liaising with us and making suggestions based on what ingredients could be used.

We had the whole day at the Embankment, ceremony to wedding breakfast to evening reception. We saved money by using the urns that would be centrepieces for the wedding breakfast around the room for the ceremony décor.

Our lovely bridesmaids wore dresses from Oasis. They were really good quality compared to other bridesmaid dresses we tried and the height was perfect so we didn't need to pay for adjustments.

Jamie's gorgeous suit was from Slaters, Nottingham, but we wouldn't recommend them. They actually lost the ushers suits and thought they'd lost Jamie's too for a little while. His shirt however was from T.M. Lewin and these guys were amazing! Really good service and fab alterations.

I'm spoilt because I have the best girl gang. Getting the twins to do a reading, and my little sister, too - was such a good shout. I was in bits (hence all the tears and smiles) but I still have the readings they wrote and they still make me cry!

We had a confetti shot at the request of our lovely photographer Lianne - I was convinced I just wanted documentary snaps all day but she convinced us to have a confetti shot and a few group shots, and I'm so pleased that we did. Our portraits and group shots took less than 45 minutes but some of the images are my favourite from the day.

Of course we had jägerbombsfor our first drink...