How to plan the perfect Authentic Christmas Wedding ♡

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

For so many of us, the darkness and cold of winter is overshadowed by the lovely glow of pub fires, nights in with loved ones... the excessive consumption of food we don't need and usually (hopefully) a decent chunk of time off. I know for me, it's the season I see most of Jamie, as I wanna go home and relax not venture out into the cold to go here, there and everywhere. #Loveactually always makes an appearance as we pop up the tree, and fairy lights make any room that bit more magical.

It's no surprise, then, that so many ask the big question around this time of year. If you're here because that's you (congratulations!! aaaah!!) I've collated some tips below for you savvy lovers, wanting to nab a bit of the magic for your perfect day. Enjoy x

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.” ―Edna Ferber

1. Picking the perfect date

Is tricky. Christmas is ripe with unique family traditions, meaning it's tough to get people to commit to other events. If you're having a small, intimate wedding - you're free to choose whichever date so long as you give enough notice. If you want a larger event with lots of guests who aren't necessarily super close, try to avoid Christmas and New Years Eve.

- also - Christmas is expensive for all - especially those with young children. Pick a date around the very end or very start of the month (Payday). guests will thank you for this when they can still afford to party the night away, even after forking out for prezzies here, there and everywhere.

2. Give people lots of notice

I know for me, having an August wedding next year, I knew I had to get in there with plenty of notice so that my guests wouldn't be double booked. As soon as you get your date, Save the dates are a fab way of securing the date with your nearest and dearest - without having to know too much about what theme/ colour scheme your wedding will have.

Considering electronic save the dates? You can enquire about bespoke design work with wild here.

3. Timing

The nature of winter weddings means it's darker, and it's colder. Advise guests to leave early - as the roads are likely to be busy, and then take that advice yourself! You may wish to consider an earlier day so you can get enough good outdoor snaps before losing the light.

4. Have everything in the same place

Guests want to be comfy, as do you! Save the freezing jiggles from one place to the next by hosting the ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception at the same venue. So many venues are now licensed to hold civil ceremonies and host registrars. It also saves money on transport which is a bonus!

5. Keep warm & dry

Again, comfort is key! Invest in brollies just in case... and make sure you have tights and shawls for the bride, brides and/or bridesmaids. They look so cute and Insta worthy in snaps, and will keep everyone smiling. Try to source a venue with a heated outside area. It will be much appreciated by smokers and wild dancers that need a breather alike!

6. Check what flowers you can get

It's so easy to get swept up in the Pinterest mood boards... only to be left heart broken when you realise you can only get Peonies in May and June. When you source a Florist you love... ask them what's in season and what they recommend. You've put your faith in them... leave them with ideas and trust them to bring your dream seasonal bouquet to life.

Seasonal Paperwhites by PoppyScout Flower co. - East Midlands based

7. You do you

Take into account that it's winter... but don't let that rule your theme. Any colour palette can be adapted to suit a Christmas wedding. Liaise with your suppliers for inspiration... but stay true to what you L.O.V.E. After all, you'll only do it once


Congratulations once again! and happy planning ♥

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Thank you for reading!



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