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Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Ed Brown Photography

Hello all and happy Monday. Hope you all had a fab weekend and you’re looking forward to a productive week. I’m extra smiley today as today marks exactly 2 years since I got engaged! How exciting. I had a little Facebook notification this morning and I’ve had a grin on my chops since! I still remember the pure elation that I felt all throughout that weekend; my face hurt from smiling lots and I became obsessed with my left hand – holding it up to the light in any situation I could, beaming because of it’s new sparkle!

Ed Brown Photography

I was on cloud 9 – a lovely place to be… but unfortunately you can’t plan a wedding from up there. Eventually it was time to come down and get serious with the planning. Some of you will know that WILD was born this year, meaning I planned my perfect day without all the insight I’ve gained since launching my independent Calligraphy business. Everyone knows about wedding fairs, and Google is a wedding planner’s best friend… but how do you skip the stuff that’s just not you?! Wouldn’t it be amazing if a reputable source had put in the leg work to collate the best suppliers for the look you’re trying to achieve?

Esme Whiteside Photography / Sign by Wild Calligraphy

I’ve teamed up with Olivia from Honeysuckle & Castle to talk about Wedding Supplier Directories and how they can help you pull off all sorts #weddinggoals without trawling through pages and pages of suppliers. We’re blessed in the East Mids to have 2 amazing Wedding Directories that I am proud to feature on. But what exactly is a Directory?

Olivia muses that “A wedding supplier directory is a one-stop-shop for couples planning their big day to find their suppliers. The Honeysuckle & Castle Supplier Directory has a number of categories to browse through, such as Photographers, Cakes and Venues, so it’s really easy for users to navigate their way around.”

It’s worth adding here that reputable Directories are very selective, and will approach specific brands about working with them and advertising their services. What’s more, it’s not a free service, meaning that suppliers who have invested in the Directory are serious about providing clients with a reputable service. This isn’t the only reason, however, that Brides and Grooms could benefit from having a browse…

Esme Whiteside Photography // Styling by Coco Vintage and hire // Co-ordination The Wedding crowd

“Planning a wedding is hard work! And it’s not every day you need to book chairs, décor, or even such a large number of flowers for an event, so it might start to feel overwhelming. Wedding planning is supposed to be fun! So using a supplier directory will take out the middle man and eliminate all of those stressful Google searches for suppliers online. They’re also a great source of inspiration too – you might not even have considered having gorgeous signage at your venue until you stumble upon a brand you love on a supplier directory. There are plenty around, so be sure to have a good browse around and write down a list of all of the suppliers you love.”

Bridal: Kula Tsiurdu / Florals: Poppy Scout co. / Silks: Bertie and Fred / Photography: Rosie Kelly Photography // MUA - Josephine Way //Hair Rock n Roller Hair // Co-ordination by Wild Calligraphy

It’s really easy to access the directory online, or if you have any questions you can email the girls at Honeysuckle and Castle directly. I got to meet the lovely team at the first ever Wedding Fair I did. I was so incredibly nervous – of course I’m passionate about WILD and what I’m putting out there… but it’s always a little nerve-wracking putting your heart and soul’s work out there for the world to see.

Styling: This will be forever. Florals: Poppy Scout co. Stationery: Wild Calligraphy Photography: Rosie Kelly Photography

On the topic of Directories – I’d also love to show off the amazing work at Save the Date Magazine. Abbi and the team are a dream to work with and I am so proud to feature on both the Honeysuckle and Castle Directory and the Save the Date Magazine directories – The finest that the East Mids have to offer.

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions or even just want to chat about wedding planning you can reach me here. Good luck! And enjoy every second.

Faye – Wild Calligraphy


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