How to pick the right Wedding Date

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

from a Bride to Be working in the Wedding industry ✨

It’s engagement season! Our Instagrams are full of bling and #blessed, #isaidyes and #engaged posts and how lovely is that! If you’re reading this because you are one of those lucky lovers, a maaaassive congrats to you. The few moments, days, weeks after I got engaged are up there with the happiest I’ve ever been, as I’m sure they are for everyone... and now you get to organise a get together with all your favourite people! But when do you get married? I’ve collated my top things to consider when deciding on the perfect wedding date below...

Weddings tend to catch and chances are if you’re engaged either some of your friends are or will be soon. What do you have in the calendar already? You may want to avoid picking a date too close to someone else’s do, both out of respect to the happy couple and from a financial point of view. Guests end up forking out a decent chunk to attend weddings. A recent survey from ’The Independent’ UK revealed the following:

What you don’t want to do... is give guests unnecessary stress. I've been there... travelling 40 miles to get from the ceremony to the wedding breakfast... which is also in the middle of nowhere... only to do the same 2 weeks later. I don’t like admitting that I resented paying the money to be the designated driver twice, watch my fiancé get sloshed on all the wine I couldn’t drink and still end up scrimping at the end of the month after forking out for 2 outfits, hotels and petrol. Had it been a stand alone event however, the cost implications would have been halved, massively reducing stress. Some people find it a little vulgar to discuss money and finances, but the reality is, everyone has their bills to pay, priorities to fund, and we want to go all out for the people we love.

Image: Jo Greenfield Photography | Painted Jacket by Wild Calligraphy

2. When do you want your anniversary to be?

Do you have a sentimental date like the day you got together that you wanna immortalise? Or would you rather spread your celebrations out over the year so you have something to look forward to every couple of months?

For me (April birthday) and Jamie (January birthday) we went for August. Not just because I’m a teacher and wanted to have the summer break to celebrate but also I wanted to spread out the love. Christmas is my favourite time of year and I was so tempted to have a Christmas wedding... but my lovely nana said ‘you don’t wanna have all your eggs in one basket, love!’ (Bless her!) and that settled it.

Image: EKR Pictures

3. Weather/ flower goals

When you think about your dream day... do you have cute umbrella pics in mind? A huge peony bouquet (#goals!) autumn leaves with lush burgundy tones?! Or don’t you mind?

If you have a certain image in mind this will determine the season/ month. If you’re less fussed about the details and just want a lovely day... You can be more flexible and benefit from off Season savings. Lots of venues offer reduced packages early Jan- February and September-October. Weddings are expensive enough... so if you re happy to be flexible with on/ off season you could save some serious wonga! The day of the week also contributes to the cost, expect to pay more for Friday-Sunday weddings and snatch a bargain elsewhere in the week.

Image: Caroline Goosey Photography | Jacket: Wild Calligraphy

4. Are you giving yourself enough time to secure the suppliers you want?

You’ve got an idea of the day/ month... now to pick the year. Of course finances will be a factor here but you also need to consider whether your dream suppliers will be available. Enquiries cost nothing! So you may want to get in touch to check availability before starting to book. If you’re getting married in off peak season... you can afford to be more flexible, but if you’re going for a summer date - you’ll need a little longer. Most wedding suppliers take bookings up to 2 years in advance, which is great if you wanna get organised... but less great if you want a whirlwind engagement and to get hitched sooner!

Image: Esme Whiteside Photography | Styling: This Will Be Forever | Florals: Wildfire floral co. | Stationery: Wild Calligraphy

5. When will your honeymoon be?!

Are you hoping to jet off days after the big do or are you happy to wait a little? Your dream honeymoon could be a big deciding factor on the date. Check out Traiflinders UK’s destination by season guide below:

I remember being so surprised by how many countries we’re off limits in the Summer. I love travelling but long haul is relatively new to me. I couldn’t believe how restricted I was... BUT I definitely wanted the 6 week hols to enjoy the start of married life so that was my priority.

If you have ties to a certain honeymoon destination... maybe you have a lovely family home or you’ve been recommended a certain place that you just NEED in your life... that will be a factor.


To summarise:

• Save money by choosing a Mon-Thurs date, off season

• Avoid dates that are already in the diary - try to give guests space between events to avoid unnecessary stress

• Give yourself plenty of time. The longer you have - the easier it is to secure guests, suppliers... and get organised!

• Honeymoon - you might not have as many options as you think! Use a destination season checker to work out your viable options


Hope you found these useful ♥️ The wild blog is full of inspo to help plan your perfect day. Why not get a cuppa and delve in?!

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Thank you for reading, and happy planning!



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