DIY wedding? 5 Reasons to consider the Wild Workshops

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

After the success of the April workshops, I'm back again with two beginners workshops in late July. I'm so grateful to all who attended the first ones and all of the messages I've had since, asking about new dates. As I write this, tickets have been on sale for less than 24 hours and are almost half gone and I couldn't be more grateful so thank you thank you thank you!

You can read all about when and where the classes take place, plus what your hard earned Wonga will get you here, but if you're still on the fence... I've collated my top 5 reasons for why the Wild Workshops are worth your hard earned cash.

It's a great opportunity to B O N D

At the April workshops we had mothers and daughters, couples, friends, bridal parties and people going to learn something new solo. It was so lovely! I am a huge fan of activities (did any one else read that in Will Ferrell's voice Step Brothers style?!) particularly if I get to meet like minded creatives. The Wild Workshops are a great opportunity to discuss your upcoming nuptials, projects, or just have a chin wag. For the most part... you'll be totally engrossed in your calligraphy, or enjoying the fantastic range of biscuits on offer... (Very important).

You'll get great, faster.

No t no shade, I get a lot of clients after they've tried to do their own wedding stationery and given up. I completely get it... I started learning calligraphy to do bits for my own wedding and completely underestimated how difficult it would be. I also ruined countless tops and trousers following ink spills. At the wild workshops you get a masterclass on beginners calligraphy and I'm on hand to give you as much 1:1 support as you need. This could be demonstrating strokes or letters for you to copy, or talking you through how to apply pressure to your pen or nib holder to get the best results. If you're struggling, I can identify why and tell you so you can avoid whatever barriers are stopping you, enabling you to make progress quicker.

It'll save you Wonga in the long run

I am a self taught calligrapher; I've spent countless cash on supplies trying to work out what works and what doesn't. I've watched hours of tutorials, bought books, read lots of blogs (I love a good blog) and learned so much about materials and tools. At the workshops, you get a tried and tested kit with supplies I use for my clients. I talk through how to use your tools, how to keep them in good nic' (saving you from having to buy more) and where I buy my supplies from.

It's the most personal touch you could make

There's something so personal about hand writing and seeing your name hand lettered. Over on the Wild Instagram a few weeks ago I was talking about those god awful plastic cups your nan used to get you from shops back in the day (As a Faye I never got one, my brother Sam was loving life)… Knowing that you've created your on the day stationery will resonate with guests and make them smile... and really, that's what it's all about isn't it!

It's fun! It's a well known fact that weddings can get stressful pretty quickly. Once you come down from cloud 9 after the dreamiest proposal E V E R you remember that money doesn't grow on trees, Pinterest weddings might be out of budget and actually, it's really hard to plan the wedding of your dreams and find perfect suppliers while working full time and juggling all other responsibilities. Calligraphy is so relaxing. I often lose myself for evenings when I'm mid project in my zen zone. Tangent: As a bride to be myself - if the decision making has become overwhelming - my advice would be to take five and remember it's all part of the wedding. A lovely photographer friend of mine (Jo Greenfield if you want to have a nosey at her insane portfolio) mused that the day goes so quickly, making the planning part of your wedding plans extends the day (sort of).


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Thank you so much for reading - I can't wait for you to join us!

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