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Updated: Jul 4, 2020

This post centres around the resources that have been fundamental in growing my business. I’m sure that these resources will help you regardless of the stage you are at, from launching to being more established.

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Podcasts set the right tone for me. Before podcasts my approach to business was very haphazard. I wasn’t business minded in the slightest and everything felt like a struggle. Wild had turned into something I wasn’t proud of, that didn’t bring me joy. I told myself this was alright because I didn’t know any better, and I assumed the road to success would be hard.

The first podcast I ever listened to was The Fearless Hustle Collective by a Nottingham wedding photographer called Anna Dunleavy. She’s the loveliest woman and a real business oracle. Listening to the FHC evolved what I thought business was supposed to look like, and gave lots of practical advice on how to do more of the work you love (such as styled shoots, online resources, networking events), re discover your WHY (why you started the business, why you want to pursue it), and introduced me to lots of other successful creative business owners that I could learn from.

Listening to podcasts is now a fundamental part of my commute and a huge motivator to keep growing wild and improving what I do.

Some podcasts that I LOVE:

· The Fearless Hustle Collective Fantastic business advice for self-employed women, this podcast explores the ups and downs of running a creative business.

· The Creative Leap

Advice centred around leaving corporate life to launch a creative business, this podcasts interviews lots of inspiration women and centres around their journey to established creative businesses.

· The Independent Girl’s Podcast

This podcast is all about fostering confidence when making, managing, and discussing money

· The Business Proposal Podcast

Specifically for wedding suppliers, this is an incredibly valuable podcast which explores every element of running a wedding business..


The blogs I love tend to be less business oriented and more skills focussed, but that in itself is special. I love education and am a huge believer that we never stop learning. Now more than ever, we consume so much content and it’s increasingly difficult to impress. If we struggle to adapt to current trends and provide our clients with our take on the now, we’re doing ourselves a disservice.

It doesn’t have to be as extreme as launching a new service or branch of our business, it could be working with new seasonal colour palettes, exploring new craft specific tools, using new apps or improving our technique. Blogs are a great way to learn how to use these new bits + bobs and improve our understanding of our craft.

Some blogs that I LOVE:

· Oh Wonder Calligraphy

Lauren is a gem, and her blog is really insightful. You’ll find both business advice and practical calligraphy advice.

· The Postman’s Knock

The Postman’s Knock was the main resource I used when teaching myself calligraphy. You can find out everything from learning how to prep and clean your nibs to working through larger projects, this is a really practical blog and ideal for beginner calligraphers.

· Festival Brides Blog

I’ve been so lucky to work with Festival brides and have written a variety of blog posts for them, but it’s also invaluable to go on big wedding blogs regularly to see what they are posting. They have an eye that’s specifically for trends and what’s current, and it’s good to see what they want to see more of.

· Jess Who Blogs

Jess is a local Nottingham business owner who recently launched The Co Working Club, but I’ve been a huge fan for almost two years. Jess has a fantastic lifestyle blog with lots of tips to combat working from home. Although I juggle Wild alongside a teaching job, I’ve used a lot of these tips to be more productive when I’m stuck for time.

Social media

You won’t find me exploring the pros and cons of socials here, or delving into all the features each platform might have… Instead, I want to focus on online communities. Online communities provide us with the chance to meet and connect with like minded business owners, and ultimately learn from ‘experts’ in various fields, to improve our understanding of that element of business.

Online communities that I LOVE:

· The Creative Content Clubhouse

As the name might suggest, this brain child of Rachel Emma Waring helps members to explore different ways of sharing content, to keep followers on their toes and ENGAGED, she is also the queen of Pinterest, and shares lots of helpful Pinterest support.

· The Independent Girl’s Collective

This is a paid membership but it is worth every penny, and I’m regularly recommending this membership to others. This membership is multi-faceted and you get a lot for your hard earned wonga. Each month Julia launches a new course which you have life time access to (so that you can work through each resource at your own pace), when you join you get access to the full library of courses that she’s done, as well as resources provided by industry experts. You also get to chat with and ask other members of the community for advice, and often you’ll see people outsourcing work to other members of the community. It’s just a fab place to be and is unparalleled.


When you’re sharing content most days and trying to keep things fresh and exciting, apps become a huge part of that routine.

Some Apps that I LOVE:

· Inshot

I use Inshot to edit videos. It’s a free app and you can use unlicensed music which is a fab feature for IGTVs or Instagram stories.

· WhenToPost

I use this less now as I’m trying to build a more UK based audience, but this is fantastic for businesses that ship worldwide. You link it to your followers and based on when they are most likely to interact, it’ll advise you on when to post. This is fantastic for increasing engagement.

· Canva

Canva is a fantastic free resource, I used to pay for this but the free version is really good so I’ve gone back to the free one – hehe! This is a graphic making app which I use mostly to create Pinterest graphics but you can also use it to make images for social media that are consistent with your brand and branding colours.

· Onedrive

This is a paid app, but I use this so that I can access all of my images from styled shoots and branding shoots and share them to socials easily. It saves so much time, especially because you have to post via the Instagram app rather than using a desktop.

· Google Calendar

Organisation is KEY when you’re self employed and trying to balance your biz with everything else. The best thing I’ve ever done is using Jamie’s google details to access his google calendar. We now have a shared calendar and everything is colour coded. This helps us to make plans together and helps me ensure I’m not taking on too much work.

· Spotify premium

If you’re a music fanatic like me… adverts killing the vibe just isn’t ever good. I live for spotify and listen to it pretty much all day every day (unless I’m streaming podcasts). With my work, I have to avoid listening to lyrics or I sometimes write out the words I hear which isn’t ideal. A feature I use a lot is the “song radio” option, I’ll type in a trancey song I like then the radio will play lots of similar music. It’s a fab way of keeping the background music going but also discovering new artists.

· Pinterest

If you’re not already on Pinterest, you could be missing out on lots of extra traffic to your website. Having the app makes it super easy to pin for 5-10 minutes each morning (or longer if you want to do it weekly) and engage so that the search engine keeps sending traffic to your pins and website. It’s also a fab way of getting inspired as there are so many dreamy images.

Calligraphy resources

I source 90% of my materials from fellow indies to support small, but should you be on a budget... I've collated some of my top calligraphy resources from amazon for Nib and Ink calligraphy here, and pen calligraphy and sign writing here.

And in a nutshell, that’s it! My go to resources for running wild.

I hope you’ve found this valuable and you’re able to use some of these resources with what you do. You can explore more business chat via the Wild blog or join me on Instagram to keep in touch.

Thank you so much for reading,

Faye x