6 reasons to organise a styled wedding shoot

Updated: Nov 4, 2020


As I write this it's the hottest day of the year so far and I've just escaped to the kitchen after starting to cook in my studio... Not a cute look! But being 6 months pregnant doesn't suit this weather very well. (Unless you have an abundance of frozen mocktails and a paddling pool - that would be living the dream)!

This post is all about STYLED WEDDING SHOOTS. Have you ever seen insane inspiration shoots and wondered how they come about? Or how to get involved in them?

The following is an excerpt from the wild styled shoot guide, which is now LIVE on the wild store:

If you’re a creative, the need to experiment and try new things can be overwhelming. Especially when there is so much beautiful content on visual platforms such as Instagram & Pinterest. It is so hard not to compare yourself and feel inferior… especially if you’ve been feeling underwhelmed with your work for a little while. (Trust me, I’ve been there)!

When I launched Wild I became a sponge and worked through as much information as I could. A turning point was when I listened to the Fearless Hustle Collective Podcast by the amazing wedding photographer Anna Dunleavy. On one particular episode, Anna speaks about securing your dream clients and discusses the benefits of doing styled shoots. Ultimately, you won’t attract more of the work you want to do, unless clients can see that that’s what you offer.

I approached several small businesses trying to latch on to a shoot they were organising, but I was unsuccessful. I had so many ideas, but not necessarily the skills or experience to bring them to life. I knew I had to push through, so immediately started doing aaaaall the research to facilitate a shoot of my own.

I’ve now organised countless shoots, all of which have been featured on national blogs or in print, and I’ve experienced the many benefits of doing these shoots first-hand. My approach to styled shoots has evolved over time, as I’ve gained more experience, and I am so keen to share these actionable steps with you, to help you do more of the work that you love, and secure your dream clients.

There are countless advantages to facilitating shoots, but my main 6 are:

· Doing more of the work you love, and showing it off to your audience to ultimately attract more of that work

· Collaborating with other creatives that have different experiences to you, ultimately learning from and being inspired by them, to continue to up your game

· Keeping things FRESH. There’s nothing worse than being stagnant and producing the same work time and time again. The best creatives will evolve and respond to trends, showing couples how versatile they are (and therefore why they need YOU for their wedding vision).

· Pushing yourself to be better. Each time I organise a shoot, I feel a little extra pressure knowing I’ve brought an amazing team of suppliers together – it makes me want to show off the best that I can do, and pushes me to create work that I’m proud of.

· CONTENT. From behind the scenes videos which go ooooofff on Pinterest (video pins are the next big thing don’t you know!). To fresh snaps for the grid, shoots provide you with heaps of content to keep wow-ing your audience.

· Networking/ being seen. Each time you do a shoot, the etiquette is to share the full team in your caption, meaning each time you all share the images, you’re getting seen by their audience. It’s amazing marketing, especially if you’re working with suppliers who have a similar ideal client to you.

Styled shoots tick so many boxes... from providing networking opportunities to evergreen content that can be re-purposed for blogs, social media posts and Pinterest. 

If you want to facilitate your own but you're not sure how to get started, learn more about how the Wild styled shoot guide can help you 

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Thank you so much for reading.

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All image credits: Rosie Kelly Photography - taken from this dreamy inspiration shoot with 3 delicious colour scapes.


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