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Hello and thank you for visiting Wild! If you're here, it's likely that you're considering the Wild Nottingham Calligraphy Workshops, so I'll try to be as informative as possible. Below you can see a break down of the three Calligraphy Workshops I offer, what's included, and how you can keep up to date with the latest sessions. You can also check out my latest blog on 5 reasons to consider the Wild Workshops  and have a nosey at the latest Behind the Scenes posts from previous workshops. 




[Also known as faux calligraphy]. These two-hour classes cover the basics of pen calligraphy, starting with a modern faux-calligraphy alphabet and exploring how to use different key materials. You'll get all the materials you need for the class including paper and drill sheets, as well as a starter kit full of my favourite go-to supplies and tips and tricks to help you master your craft! Whether you want to join us solo, or as part of a group, you're welcome! Plus, refreshments will be provided on the day or evening. (We even have fizz! as caffeine isn't so good for calligraphy).

This workshop is ideal for: general mindfulness, DIY craft projects such as home décor, wedding signs, very extra gift tagging + beyond! Although it isn't the traditional form of calligraphy (which uses nib & ink), this is the most versatile course and will allow you to create a wider range of projects. 

This workshop focuses on the skill of nib and ink calligraphy. We'll go through how to hold and use a calligraphy pen and inks and practise keystrokes before moving onto a full alphabet. I'll give you the lowdown on what materials to use and avoid, how to get the most out of your kit, and lots of 1:1 support on your stance and technique. Absolutely no experience required, this workshop is ideal for complete beginners and those who are self-taught wanting to add finesse to their practice. I have 6 years' teaching experience and am able to adapt activities easily for students who need extra support and students who excel and are ready to move onto more complex practice. 

This workshop is ideal for: general mindfulness, delicate projects such as calligraphy notes, letters + envelopes, wedding place cards + table names and beyond!

This workshop is for practising calligraphers, wanting to take their calligraphy to the next level and work on more advanced projects. After doing some drills to warm up, we'll work through adapting fonts to suit the occasion, adding flourishes and illustrations to our work, and finally working on different materials such as recycled cotton rag paper, famously difficult for calligraphers due to its loose fibres and uneven surface. Workshoppers for this workshop will need to bring their own nib and ink - however, I can provide these for a small surcharge. 

This workshop is ideal for you if:  you are a self-taught or amateur calligrapher wanting to achieve more  consistency while developing your own style, you're wanting to explore working with new materials such as metallic inks + textured paper, you have questions about specific elements of your work and would like some 1:1 support. 


"I attended Faye’s calligraphy sign writing class in the hope to be able to do some of my own wedding signs. It was a lovely evening and Faye helped me (a complete novice) become more confident with calligraphy. The pack I took away was great to help me practise too! Would definitely recommend."


“It was a lovely, relaxing morning and Faye made us feel very at ease about not having any prior calligraphy experience.


I would most definitely recommend Faye's workshops; as well as feeling more confident about attempting my own calligraphy, it was also just a really lovely experience!”



Private and corporate workshops are charged on a pro-rata basis. Please enquire via to see how I can help you