If you’re a creative, the need to experiment and try new things can be overwhelming. Especially when there is so much beautiful content on visual platforms such as Instagram & Pinterest. It is so hard not to compare yourself and feel inferior… especially if you’ve been feeling underwhelmed with your work for a little while. (Trust me, I’ve been there)! 


When I launched Wild I became a sponge and worked through as much information as I could. A turning point was when I listened to the Fearless Hustle Collective Podcast by the amazing wedding photographer Anna Dunleavy. On one particular episode, Anna speaks about securing your dream clients and discusses the benefits of doing styled shoots. Ultimately, you won’t attract more of the work you want to do, unless clients can see that that’s what you offer.

I approached several small businesses trying to latch on to a shoot they were organising, but I was unsuccessful. I had so many ideas, but not necessarily the skills or experience to bring them to life. I knew  I had to push through, so immediately started doing aaaaall the research to facilitate a shoot of my own.

I’ve now organised countless shoots, all of which have been featured on national blogs or in print, and I’ve experienced the many benefits of doing these shoots first-hand. My approach to styled shoots has evolved over time, as I’ve gained more experience, and I am so keen to share these actionable steps with you, to help you do more of the work that you love, and secure your dream clients.


Learn the WHY behind why so many wedding professionals choose to showcase their ideas and work with styled shoots, and how to facilitate them to help you attract your dream clients.

This guide will talk you through the following in detail:

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Finding your WHY: the main benefits of being involved with and facilitating your own styled shoots.

How to get started: I’ll talk you through the initial stages in detail to help you get the ball rolling.

Timeline: save time and avoid “back and forth” with suppliers.  


Working with others: how to both pick the perfect suppliers to achieve a cohesive look and streamline your correspondence to manage expectations,.

On-the-day coordination: how to get the best from your suppliers and ensure everybody’s work is being showcased in the best way.


Features: learn how blog and magazine features benefit your brand and see top tips and examples to help you shape your pitches.

Beyond the shoot: best practice on websites and social media to gain the most traction from image shares.


The guide is ideal for you if…

  • You need a step-by-step guide with lots of support to help you facilitate a good styled shoot

  • You’re keen to expand your portfolio

  • You're feeling underwhelmed by the work you’re doing and want to do more of the work you love

  • You want to be more creative and try new things

  • You're keen to collaborate and network with like-minded creatives who you can learn from

  • You want to be more “present” in the supplier community

  • You are keen to impress prospective couples with features that make you look more like an expert in your field

  • You want more, or better-quality photographs of your work


This guide is not for you if…

  • You are expecting results without the time and effort - this course will show you the way, but won’t do the work for you

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“At no point did I feel confused or like I didn’t know what was expected of me. Faye makes sure it’s 
seamless and stress-free for everyone involved. 

Whilst Faye is a true professional, organised, on the ball and a dream to work with, she also makes you feel at ease. You know you can have a laugh with 
Faye but that she’ll get the job done.”


“I have been part of a number of styled shoots organised by Faye. Each one different but incredible in their own special way. Organisation is always on point and communication between other suppliers is spot on. Love receiving the mood boards which are always full with imagery creating a clear vision. 

Images are always sent over in good time and even better - every single shoot I’ve taken part in has been featured on a major blog!”



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I am a new business, should I wait until I have more experience to organise my own shoots?

When I first launched Wild, I approached several creatives about collaborating on shoots they were running, but unfortunately wasn’t asked to take part. Even if you have all the enthusiasm and work ethic, suppliers running their own shoots want the evidence that you’ll be a good fit for the shoot. It’s that old chestnut of needing experience to get more experience. I would encourage you to try everything once, you may find it’s much less scary than you originally thought.

I’m worried about how long it will take and whether I’ll have time, what can I do?

I can’t guarantee that this will make the process seamless, when you’re working with lots of different people and personalities, we all have varying senses of urgency and temperaments. That being said, this guide will talk you through my tried and tested methods, which have evolved after lots of experience and practice getting it right. There will be actionable steps and accountability check points throughout to ensure you’re getting the most from the guide.

I’m a quiet person and I worry about putting myself out there, will this impact my success?

Quiet as an attribute isn’t a problem if you’ll have the drive to work through the steps and get stuff done. The most important thing is that you’re organised. I have worked with all sorts of personalities, and we all suffer from imposter syndrome and comparison, regardless of how confident we might seem to the outside world. You need to remember your WHY in times of doubt. Plus, you may find that networking with new, like minded people, gives you a confidence you didn’t know you had.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds for this course, so please invest wisely.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at wildcalligraphygb@outlook.com.