Faye Wilson

Maker, Hand letterer, wifey, cat momma, lover of love.

Hello hello hello! I'm Faye, the creator of Wild Calligraphy, an independent hand lettering studio based in Nottingham, UK.


I believe that a great event isn't made up of any one thing, but lots of perfect details that resonate with your guests and make them smile. There's something so magical about seeing your own name, a lyric from a song you love, a quote from your favourite film. 


Wild specialises in on the day stationery and DIY calligraphy workshops for creatives wanting to learn this beautiful craft. Sustainability is at the heart of what I do. Wherever possible, I use natural, eco-friendly materials and source materials from other independent businesses to support small.


Thank you for visiting Wild, if you are interested in working together, you can find out How to Order with Wild,  and learn about new Nottingham Calligraphy Workshop Dates. For any other enquiries, please Get in Touch

I can't wait to hear from you,


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